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omg i need help

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omg i need help

Post by m3000 on Sat Apr 10, 2010 2:24 am

ok so today me and some buddys wanted to have a airsoft war rigth every thing was going good until one of them got me to surrender. the kid stood over top of me with a gun to my face. this went on for about 10 minets until finaly i said screw it and pulled my side arn and shot a bb at his nuts. the kid sucked up the pain and took my sid arm and took off. later on in the game i find the kid has lost his mag for his weapon. so i run over with shot gun in hand and make hims surrend his weapon. i told him if i find the mag ill give it back if i get my gun back, he said fair enfo. i give the kid back his gun and he gose to his paternet to retrive my sid arm. i told him to place the weapon on the ground and take a 10 secound run, he places it down ans takes off, i go and get my gun to find out the mag is missing. at the end of the day i finaly ask for my mag back. well it turns out that my mag is now missing. there was no bbs in it and i dont think any one would be able to use it for a gun if they were to find it. any ways the point of this story is that i didnt find my mag and i need to know if there any websits or storys i could by just a mag for this gun. the gun is the PT111. its a 20 round mag and im hoping for black. plz leave a comment if you know where i can get one or if by any short of lucky you have found it. thnx

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